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Today, behind several success stories within the talent industry, lies one familiar name. A name known well throughout the fashion, modeling and entertainment industry for more than 20 years and counting. That name belongs to former Miss Texas USA Area Director and beloved talent scout, Nikki Pederson.

A Texas native and born entrepreneur, Pederson has spent most of her adult life working in this industry and is no stranger to the glistening lights of the stage and  camera. A former model herself, Pederson has acted in theatre productions, television commercials and for six consecutive years directed one of the largest bridal fashion shows in Central Texas. Outside of her impressive resume of accomplishments,, Pederson has worked as a professional makeup artist for clients such as former President George H.W. Bush, First Lady Laura Bush, Ivana Trump, and for the annual Miss Universe pageants. From 1991 to 1997, Pederson served as the Area Director for the Miss Texas USA Pageant and was honored for her efforts and hard work by the organization in 1996 as they crowned her “Director of the Year”. 

From there and with the support of her pageant, acting and modeling families, Pederson embarked on her next journey in the Spring of 1999, creating Nikki Pederson Talent. A multi-faceted organization that specializes in identifying and developing some of the world’s top talents through her vast knowledge, continual education and extensive connections within the industry today. Pederson serves as the Networks CEO and Executive Director, spending most of her time scouting, educating and mentoring aspiring actors, models, singers and dancers a far. Her deep ties and strong connection with both Los Angeles and New York’s leading agents, have helped jump start the careers of more individuals then we can even begin to name.

From red carpet premiers to the pages of Cosmo magazine, Nikki Pederson and her team have been the key to turning many individuals dreams into a reality. Her immense love for this industry and genuine passion for helping others is what makes Nikki Pederson Talent Network stand out amongst the rest. Their continual dedication to helping others succeed is monumental in the eyes of Nikki and her team. The vision Nikki Pederson Talent Network has for the future of it's clients remains limitless and shines through with each person they encounter. 

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